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Canadian party of five

Welcome to our online store, Lottie Pop Kids, we've set out to only bring you the most natural, sustainable and eco-friendly fibres, we are focused on bringing you the most high quality garments that can be passed down through the family and friends for years to come.

 My husband and I have 2 beautiful girls Elizabeth (Effy), Charlotte (Lottie) and a fresh new baby boy, Henry (Young Master Harry) making us the "Canadian Party Of Five"

I take great pride in being able to bring you all these gorgeous, extremely well made clothing from Australia, New Zealand, right here in Canada, and other places in the world. Without you having to wait forever to get it and pay the extra duties and taxes.

I know we want the best for our children, which makes me positive you want the same for your little ones. If so Lottie Pop Kids is for you.

Leave your email to be the first to know about sales, plus as a bonus every once in awhile we'll send out discount codes.

I hope you love these products as much as we do.

Much Love

XO, Morgan

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